Funding Projects

As a registered Charity, all profit from activities (after expenses) is invested back into the school to fund various bid requests for the benefit of Gordon’s students.  We operate a bidding system whereby any member of Staff, Heads of Departments or House Parents can request funding for various items which would otherwise not have been possible using existing budgets.

Bids are assessed each term by the GSPA, the principles that determine how funding decisions are made can be found here: GSPA Bid Funding Principles rev March 2019

Each year we automatically donate £500 to all 10 Houses, DofE, CCF and the Pipes & Drums Band (a total of £6,500).  We also provide funding for Fun Day (£4,200) which follows Patrons Parade in June.  Below is a list of previous successful bids.  Please like our Facebook page where we regularly post photographs of items purchased.  As always, we are very grateful for the continued support of Gordon’s Parents.

Date House/Dept Item Value Status
Mar-19 Whole School £500 donation to each House, CCF, DofE and Pipes & Drums Band £6,500 Approved
Mar-19 Balmoral Mural Wallpaper £450 Approved
Feb-19 Physical Education Gym Equipment for Fitness Centre £2000 Approved
Jul-18 Sports Ladies double scull rowing boat £1000 Approved
Jun-18 Physical Education Electronic Scoreboards for Hockey £900 Approved
Jun-18 Gravesend Coach Travel for House Trip £390 Approved
May-18 Music Orchestral Folders for Band £470 Approved
Mar-18 Art/Photography Photographic equipment £1000 Approved
Mar-18 Media Technology Video Recording equipment £740 Approved
Mar-18 Balmoral New Pool Table for House £900 Approved
Mar-18 China Large Screen TV £350 Approved
Feb-18 Music New electric piano for M4 classroom £1,500 Approved
Jan-18 English Department Books £2,000 Approved
Jan-18 Whole School £500 donation to each House, CCF, DofE and Pipes & Drums Band £6,500 Approved
Dec-17 Gordon’s Foundation Chapel Stained Glass Window Restoration £900.00 Approved
Nov-17 Creative Arts G2G Pipes & Drums Technical Masterclass £1,400 Approved
Oct-17 Business & Enterprise 2 x Digital Cameras £435.98 Approved
Jun-17 GSPA Fun Day Providing a range of fun outdoor games, attractions & BBQ following Parade £4,500 Approved
Jun-17 Physical Education Electronic Scoreboard for Netball £2,200 Approved
May-17 CCF/Navy Contribution towards Safety Rib £1,000 Approved
May-17 China House Portable Speakers £370.00 Approved
Mar-17 Gordon’s Foundation Y11 & Y13 Prom/Dinner  £4,300 Approved
Feb-17 Sports Football Rebound Board  £640.00 Approved
Feb-17 Khartoum Electronic Drum Kit  £494.00 Approved
Feb-17 Sports Cricket Net  £189.95 Approved
Feb-17 Balmoral Picnic Table  £449.89 Approved
Feb-17 Gordon’s Foundation New Parade Hats (Glengarries)  £3,000 Approved
Feb-17 Business & Enterprise Display Boards  £312.00 Approved
Feb-17 Music Electric Piano/Amp  £1,500 Approved
Jan-17 Whole School £500 donation to all Houses, CCF, DofE and Pipes & Drums Band £6,500 Approved
Nov-16 Cycle Club Bicycle Racks  £205.00 Approved
Oct-16 PSHE Mindfulness Program  £950.00 Approved
Oct-16 Victoria Table Top Games  £500.00 Approved
Sep-16 Gordon’s Foundation Y11 & Y13 Prom/Dinner  £4,300 Approved
Apr-16 Sports Cricket Catching Cradle  £350.00 Approved
Apr-16 6th Form Garden Items  £500.00 Approved
Apr-16 Cycle Club Cycles  £500.00 Approved
Mar-16 Library Bean Bags  £503.64 Approved
Mar-16 Balmoral Projector  £310.00 Approved
Mar-16 CCF New CCF Boots  £1,500 Approved
Jan-16 Gordon’s Foundation Bursary Support  £4,500 Approved
Dec-15 Music Baby Grand Piano Contribution  £3,400 Approved
Dec-15 French 2 x Digital Voice Recorders  £245.00 Approved
Nov-15 Medical Centre Hitachi 32′ Smart TV/DVD  £260.00 Approved
Oct-15 Physical Education Body Pump Equipment  £944.39 Approved
May-15 Balmoral New BBQ  £299.00 Approved
Apr-15 Food Tech Food Dehydrator  £50.00 Approved
Mar-15 Drama LED Lighting & Controls  £3,096 Approved
Mar-15 CCF/DofE Archery Equipment  £1,500 Approved
Feb-15 Gordon’s Foundation Y11 Prom/Y13 Dinner  £4,300 Approved
Nov-14 Assistant Head Full set of the ‘Penguin Great Ideas’ series  £450.00 Approved
Jun-14 Physical Education Athletics/cross country vests  £1,500 Approved
Jun-14 Music Tour Hoodies  £500.00 Approved
Mar-14 Music Eb Tuba  £1,400 Approved
Mar-14 Food Tech Deep Fat Fryer  £250.00 Approved
Feb-14 P7 Cycle Club Cycles  £2,150 Approved
Feb-14 Music Saxophone & Lessons  £  2,400 Approved